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Overview of Operations

Medical Bureau

The Mission of City Hospitals

City hospitals are established with the mission of contributing to the promotion of the health and welfare of our residents by guaranteeing the medical care that the community needs, training and educating doctors and medical practitioners, conducting research for the promotion of medical science and technology, and through public health activities to maintain of the health of our residents.


Organization of Osaka City Hospitals

In order to respond to the enhanced and diverse medical care needs of our residents, five hospitals were merged and opened as the Osaka City General Hospital. In collaboration with the Osaka City General Hospital, the Juso and Sumiyoshi Hospitals strive to expand their functionality as hospitals with specialized features unique to each hospital.


Role of City Hospitals

As a large-scale, high-functioning hospital, the Osaka City General Hospital strives to provide advanced, specialized medical care as it has been designated as an Emergency and Critical Care Center, Disaster Base Medical Center, Medical Institution for Infectious Diseases, and Cancer Treatment Affiliated Base Hospital, and also provides comprehensive medical services for pediatric and prenatal medical care, etc.

As well as providing comprehensive medical care north of the Yodogawa River, the Juso Hospital is unique in that it provides medical care to the elderly afflicted with complications from cognitive disorders.

The Sumiyoshi Hospital is unique in that it provides pediatric and prenatal medical care for the southern medical care district.