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PHONE 06-6150-8000
First Consultations8:45AM 〜11:30AM
Follow-up Consultations8:30AM 〜11:00AM
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About us


  • We aspire to be a hospital trusted by our residents and contribute to the community
  • We aspire to be a hospital which provides warm medical care with a human touch
  • We aspire to be a hospital that responds to the future medical needs of our residents

Basic Policy

  1. As a public hospital, we aspire to be a hospital that is trusted by our residents.
  2. We respect the rights of our patients and provide safe, high-quality medical care.
  3. We will provide specialized medical care and strive to improve medical care functions.
  4. We will contribute to community medical care and actively promote partnerships in community medical care
  5. We will work toward efficient hospital management so that we may continue to be a hospital that contributes to the community.
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